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The Link Radio app features a 24/7 curated stream of music from our publishing catalog and artist music from Boogie Shack Artists along with daily music business headlines you should know and insights on current trends. Our team lives the space, immersed in the business and active in deals that cross multiple industries including Fashion, Film, Technology, and Marketing.

Curated by creative professionals with a passion for connecting the creative to the business.

The Boogie Shack artist incubator is a division of Link Media Partners LLC. Link Media consults and advises labels, managers, artists, and other creatives on the modern business of creative monetization. Our management division partners with and manages the business for creatives across multiple disciplines including music, film, fine art, and technology. We specialize in rights, publishing, distribution, and the integration and application of new technologies.

Whether artist, talent, or brand development, the Link team lives at the intersection of content creation and fan engagement.  Our priority is to help educate and empower creatives to properly communicate their authentic voices and build stickiness with their audience while achieving maximum impact within their budget.

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